Where are Cam & Lisa?

Cam and Lisa


Cam and Lisa are no more. The top-rating commercial radio team has been abandoned after Cam Sullings decided to resign from the highly successful MIX106.3 breakfast show.

“Cam has resigned from the position for personal reasons,” says Eoghan O’Byrne, general manager of Canberra FM Radio.

“We are retaining his services in our afternoon show, which is great, and we have an offer in front of Lisa at the moment and she’s weighing up some options, but she hasn’t made any firm decisions yet.

“However, I can say that the Cam and Lisa show has ended as such, based on Cam’s decision to resign.”

The duo was to have returned from leave as expected this week and the MIX106.3 website, usually flowing to excess with the breakfast duo’s doings and photos, has no mention of them on the home page and offers only a constrained reference to their former shift as “MIX106.3 in the Morning”.

Lisa Ridgley has not returned our call. She has been the queen of Canberra breakfast radio for many years and was partnered with Mark Parton, now with 2CC, until he left the FM station in July 2008, to be replaced by Sullings.

An announcement about the future personalities for the breakfast show is expected next month.

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