Canberra Confidential: Sex for geeks

“LOOKING for a great night out with entertainment, food and cocktails and lots of advice on sex and dating?” Who isn’t, comrade, but it’s not an offer you’d expect from the CSIRO Discovery Centre. 

Comedian Chris Krishna-Pillay

Comedian Chris Krishna-Pillay’s titillating, grown-up, eclectic mix of music and stand-up comedy, “Pre Coital: The Science of Dating”, is playing on Friday, November 9, at 6.30pm.

Discovery Centre director, Cris Kennedy says: “This is a fun-packed night of rollicking fun and dancing, intertwined with serious scientific topics like the biology of physical attraction; the mysteries of pheromones and condom physics. And who knows – science may just show you how to attract that special person?”

Tickets at

Media Leak gets a laugh

ARTIST and cartoonist for “The Australian” Bill Leak kept his audience roaring with laughter at the launch, by veteran political journalist Alan Ramsey, of his latest book collection of cartoons at Arawang Primary School in Waramanga.

Among his many great stories was that of the toadlike Graham Richardson who had commissioned Bill to paint his portrait.

When completed Richo began muttering under his breath.

“Well,” Bill said, “how do you like it?”

More muttering till finally the Labor powerbroker burst out: ‘I’m fat…and I’m ugly… but I’m not that f***ing fat and ugly!”

Opinion is divided… but not much.

AND why Arawang? Bill’s sister Lynne Kowalik is the much-admired music teacher at the school. In fact, the principal took the opportunity to dedicate the new music wing, “The Lynne Kowalik Music Centre”.

Power to the people

ACTEW-AGL has announced a deal for the lost tribe of grumbling customers who don’t want to bundle services with its former subsidiary TransACT.

While still contractually tethered to bundling the telco’s internet, cable television and telephone services (now owned by the WA-centric iiNet), the monolithic power company is developing its own customer tummy-rubbing program with what it calls “assist kits”. Four months in the making and available only via the net, for $98 and a three-year, honest-injun’ loyalty pledge, customers get a splendid five per cent off the power bill and a home-delivered bag of practical, power-saving toys, including a footswitch powerboard, an appliance energy monitor and a remote-control powerpoint controller kit. Take that, carbon tax!

Cedric’s sign language

OUR very environmentally friendly gardening writer, Cedric Bryant, wants to know, now that the election is well and truly over, what’s going to happen to the hundreds of non-recyclable Corflute signs “that provided so much visual pollution to our city. Greens in particular take note?” and how much longer will it take for this visual pollution to be removed from the streets?

Poultry recognition for first chicken man

THE heavily sweaty Jason, arms poised in masculine triumph, has a lot to be happy about having just cracked the debut title of Smoque’s

‘Wing King’ Jason

Wednesday “Wing King”. Jason, whose surname is not recorded for posterity, consumed a grotesque 50 chicken wings in 30 minutes. Others, “CC” is told, have tried but failed to reach the hall-of-fame target and their Polaroid picture on the Civic restaurant’s wall. Smoque is sensibly reviewed by Wendy Johnson on Page 25.

Gadfly picked it!     

AN amusing bold, blue pointer on page one of “The Canberra Times” on Saturday boasted of “Canberra’s best analysis and
commentary” of the ACT election.

Could this be the same “Canberra Times” that published a poll plus analysis and commentary just before the election that showed a landslide for Labor and the Greens?

Fact is, only “CityNews” Gladfly columnist Robert Macklin predicted a “serious fall” in the Greens vote, for which he was howled down… and that was two months ago!
Cello Brick Road

ANOTHER tall tale but true story via YouTube. Young Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, unsurprisingly otherwise known as 2Cellos, are the support act for Elton John at the AIS on November 14.

Elt discovered the duo on YouTube, where their version of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” was going bananas and, as soon as you can say “rocket man”, they were performing in his band as well as opening his shows.

“We have different personalities, but they merge together so well,” says Sulic. “And the fact that there are only two of us and we have to fill the sound of a whole band in a whole arena with just two instruments encourages us to explore the unknown possibilities of cello.”

‘Divorce’ for Christmas?

“WHAT a great idea for a Christmas gift,” urges Canberra author-with-a-cause Carol Mitchell, poised to launch her eight-years-in-the-making new book, “The Force of Divorce”, in Deakin on November 9.

If it doesn’t seem like the sort of stocking filler you’d want to wake up to on December 25, fear not. “You don’t have to be interested in a divorce to get something out of this book. It is a story about survival and relates to any difficult life situation,” Carol purrs reassuringly.

Order a copy from


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