Canberra star on her way to LA

Lauren Hamilton Neill.

GOOD news for local actor Lauren Hamilton Neill, who has been accepted into the Professional Actors Masterclass series in Los Angeles, on the basis of her performance in “Finding Eric”, a short film made in Canberra.

The film, co-directed by Robert Coppa and Scott Maybury of Red Bandit Productions, is touring the European film festival circuit and stars Hamilton Neill and Ben Ryan.

“From the first moments of her audition, we realised she was an amazing talent,” Maybury commented.

After presenting a showreel that highlighted the film, Hamilton Neill was told to pack her bags.

In LA she will work with US casting directors, including heads of networks and studios and independent casting directors who include Lisa Beach (“Wedding Crashers”, “ Walk the Line”), Cathy Sandrich (“The Vow”, “The Proposal”) and Matthew Barry (“Con Air”, “Rush Hour”).

Meantime, “Finding Eric” has been accepted for official competition in four European festivals and will soon be seen by audiences in 19 cities spanning nine countries across four continents.

“We intend bringing the film home later in the year so local audiences can see it,” said the film’s producer Pattie Collins.


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