Compliant media? Tell Robyn she’s dreamin’

Mark Parton

ROBYN Archer has told the dastardly media that they should stop having ”smart-arsed fun” at the expense of Canberra because it was undermining the national capital as a potent symbol of democracy.

Oh Robyn! I know that you have a tendency to be a little dramatic… that’s why we’re paying you the big bucks, but do you really think that a bit of sniggering from the States is undermining democracy?

The artistic director of the Canberra Centenary made a direct appeal to journalists to stop teasing us in the same way that you might appeal to bullies at school to stop calling you names. I think both approaches will have similar effect.

Saying “stop bagging Canberra!” is like trying to tell a Collingwood crowd to stop yelling nasty things at the umpire. Or asking Jeremy Hanson to stop making negative comments about the Canberra Hospital waiting lists.

When you move to Canberra, you have to concede that you’ll be putting up with some frosty, cold mornings, dozens of cyclists in your lane during peak hour and the rest of the country slagging off at us on a regular basis.

Making fun of Canberra is a national pastime. Most of those who crucify our town do so on the basis of it being the location for Federal parliament and the perception that the weather is terrible. Many of the detractors have never even been here.

I like Canberra. I think the weather is stunning and I’m proud of the fact that the House of Parliament is in my town. I really don’t care what anyone across the border says about Canberra. I wouldn’t trade places with them for the world.

One of the things that makes Canberra the best city in Australia is our small-town feel. If everyone loved the place then they’d all want to move here and we’d lose that!

If it gives them pleasure interstate to bag Canberra, then I say: bag away.

Mark Parton is the breakfast announcer on 2CC

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