School of Music staff — 72 hours, and the clock’s ticking

ANU School of Music academic staff have been given 72 hours to make a pitch for their old jobs.

An email from Professor Peter Tregear, the new head of the school to sent to “affected staff” yesterday, attached final position descriptions for the positions under the new structure, saying “now that the academic position descriptions have been finalised the transition process of the academic staff…will commence.”

It is believed that Professor Tregear is in India this week while this process takes place, but his email requests staff to “nominate their interest in directly transferring into a new position by submitting a brief (1-2 page) summary outlining their skills, knowledge and commitment to delivering the new School curriculum.”

ACT representative for the National Tertiary Education Union, Stephen Darwin, told “CityNews” this morning that the university had proved “intransigent” when ask to acknowledge and respect the achievements of print staff.

The email confirms this, outlining a process where Professor Tregear would review existing positions against the new or revised positions to see if there are existing positions that have the same, or substantially the same duties, classification level and career standing.

Additionally, he is to ascertain “if the staff member currently possesses the skills and experience (or could reasonably be expected to develop the required skills within a limited period) to satisfactorily perform the duties of the position in the new structure.”

If he decides the staff member can do so, the possibility exists that such staff “may be directly transferred into the positions in the revised structure.”

A two page submission must be sent to Head of School by 4pm on Friday, a request that has thrown the already beleaguered staff into disarray.

Fears have not been assuaged by Professor Tregear’s assurance in the email that it is “not a competitive process” and his offer of access to information on “voluntary separations, fixed term pre-retirement agreements, leave without pay, voluntary conversion to part time employment, the taking of long service leave or secondment.”

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