ActewAGL offers $30 to take the old fridge away

Fridge removal photo

ACTEWAGL are reminding Canberrans that if you have a working pre-1996 two door refrigerator they will come and take it away from free and knock $30 from your next bill.

“With winter setting in, now is the time to get rid of your old energy-guzzling fridge which can consume up to three times the energy of a new fridge1. It’s one of the simplest steps that households can take to cut their power consumption. Plus, if your fridge is a two-door model, you’ll get a $30 rebate on your next electricity bill,” a spokesperson said.

“ActewAGL can come to your home or business, pick-up eligible fridges for free, and then arrange for them to be degassed and disposed in an environmentally responsible way. To be eligible for the ActewAGL Fridge Buyback Program, your fridge or freezer must have been built before 1996 and be in working order.”

To book your free fridge pickup and start saving, call 1300 136 008. To find out more, visit


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