ACTION’S ‘Network 14’ kicks off on 1 September

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THREE things we can rely on in life: death, taxes, and fiddling with the bus network timetable.

Shane Rattenbury is enthusiastic that this year’s revision will be for the better.

“I am pleased to announce that ACTION’s new bus network, ‘Network 14’ will commence from Monday 1 September,” Shane said.

“The new weekend network, which will include improved services in areas such as Gungahlin, Tuggeranong, Weston/Molonglo, West Macgregor and Majura Park, as well as services to the National Arboretum, will commence from Saturday 6 September.

“For the first time ever, ACTION has used patronage data from the MyWay system, as well as being informed by over 2300 pieces of correspondence received during the community consultation process late last year, to develop Network 14.

“The information received from the community consultation has shaped the design of Network 14. Right from the onset Network 14 has been developed in response to community demands.

“An extensive community awareness campaign will begin on Monday 18 August, including information on board buses and at major bus stops and bus stations, radio, print and online advertising and stakeholder notification. ACTION staff will also be on hand to answer any questions.

“Timetables and maps of the new routes will also be available from the ACTION website – – from Monday 18 August and bus books will be available for those without access to ACTION’s online journey planning tools.

“ACT school students will receive information on the new school services from Monday 4 August, which gives them four weeks to prepare for the new timetable and services.”

Mr Rattenbury said Network 14 will provide more direct routes, better connections and increased frequency.

“A number of areas of Canberra will have enhanced services including Molonglo, Gungahlin, Weston Creek, the Parliamentary Triangle, Hume, Brindabella Park and Majura Park, and there will also be greater alignment between the weekday and weekend services.

“The new network will be the highlight of wide ranging improvements the ACT Government is making to public transport in coming months.

“Yesterday I unveiled the first of 77 improved, greener buses which will be more comfortable for passengers and also significantly decrease pollution produced by ACTION’s bus fleet. ACTION’s real-time information system, NXTBUS, is also expected to go live in time for Network 14 to make it easier for people to track their bus.

“A number of infrastructure upgrades are also nearing completion including the dedicated bus lane on Canberra Avenue, the Park and Ride facility in Fyshwick and the Bike and Ride facility in Kippax.”

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3 Responses to “ACTION’S ‘Network 14’ kicks off on 1 September”

  1. Barry
    August 25, 2014 at 4:20 pm #

    ACTION bus service to Fisher has been deteriorating. The last 27 bus used to depart from Woden at 11:20pm, now 10:35pm and after 1 September 2014 will be at 9:07pm. I’m unable to go to any evening concerts that normally finish at 9:50pm in Civic after Network 14 rollout.

  2. Demetrios
    July 20, 2014 at 6:09 pm #

    Shane Rattenbury may be enthusiastic but those of us that do use the bus to get to the city everyday are still wondering what about, Having the proposed changes hidden away since the initial consultation last year was certainly not a very professional & transparent way to go about implementing a change that was supposed to happen early this year. This is now a year later. I am a new user of the bus transport system and I was never consulted or given a chance to review or have a say in any changes. We are now been told (well find out if you are persistent enough to keep looking on the net) that changes are due to start on 1st September with 2 weeks of info campaign (at tax payers expense). This simply pathetic. How can you implement a change on data collected a year ago and with a short consultation again concluded a year ago? My fellow distressed morning commuters from the Yerrabi Pond district informed me that our beloved route 59 will be gone. May I ask why? Do you think that adding an extra 15 minutes of walk to my trip in questionable weather conditions to cut a few minutes off a bus drivers route to the city is an improved service. Improved for who and on what “consumer service” basis. Very saddened & disappointed. More buses “yes” – more sheltered stops “yes” – cancelling a neighborhood service “Hell NO”.

  3. Soirtemed
    July 20, 2014 at 10:11 am #

    A study performed over a year ago, with data collected over a year ago, no network map available regarding the changes for over a year, to have changes applied in 6 weeks time with 2 weeks of info available (PERHAPS). This is pathetic. I started using the bus about 2 months ago and certainly had no chance for a say – my fellow early morning commuters on route 59 (apparently to be canned – who knows for sure ?) are very disappointed in what is essentially the removal of services from areas like the Yerrabi pond circuit all in the pretext of faster routes to the city (by 2 minutes really ?). Faster for the few is not better & definitely not for all. Is anybody of those that planned the changes (whatever these are) actually ever used a bus ? Cutting existing neighbourhoods out of the bus network is not an improvement. Having to walk an extra 15 minutes (add that to my trip please) in all weather conditions & wait for a bus at an unsheltered stop is not an improvement. Savings 2-5 minutes for the bus drivers is totally irrelevant – they get paid to drive for the entire shift! If my existing service is canned I will simply stop using the bus. Well done ACT mission accomplished.

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