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Walter Burley Griffin... contemplates light rail?

Walter Burley Griffin… contemplates light rail?

CC is always wary of people who invoke Walter Burley Griffin to justify what they’re doing to the city.

So it was no surprise to see on the Capital Metro’s shiny website a wonderful piece of hokum titled “Turning Griffin’s legacy into a reality” with the line: “Walter Burley Griffin had grand plans for rail in Canberra. We think he would give light rail the thumbs up!” We all agree they got the exclamation mark right.

Humility at work

OUR Liberal Senator got a warm tweet from a grateful constituent that said: “@ZedSeselja I have always enjoyed interacting with you in person, and I like your enthusiasm for constituent feedback, and your humility.” And with all the humility of a politician, Zed retweeted it.

Spot the news

CC super snout Pierre the Lair bemoans that in some “Canberra Times” reports the real news is hidden in the small print. For instance, a story on the origin of language (28/6): “Further evidence for the gesture theory could be seen in the way blind people used sign language”.

Or this, (30/6): “Mr Gentleman, who parted with his wife in 1993….”  To whom, or in exchange for what, Pierre ponders?

John gets Rolfed

AS Rolf Harris slops out at HM Prison Wandsworth, spare a thought for another victim of his demise.

John Walsh… thanks, Rolf!

John Walsh… thanks, Rolf!

It’s John Walsh, whose booking agency Fake Faces says is the only professional lookalike of Harris in the UK (though CC did find another guy called Colin).

Until last week’s conviction brought Rolf’s (and doubtless John’s) career to a shuddering halt, John had been appearing on television for the past five years and was always being asked for his autograph as Harris.

“John is available to draw cartoons, mix and mingle, play instruments and

entertain your guests with his stuffed kangaroo puppets. At present he

is learning how to speak like Rolf Harris, too,” says his agency rather optimistically.

There’s always Colonel Saunders, John.

There’s more to living than ‘life logging’

SYDNEY mum Julie Kerbel has won the national Canon Shine photography prize with a striking photo of her daughter and, unsurprisingly, shares the camera maker’s mantra of get your nose out of your mobile screen.

Encouraging Australians to go screen-free once a week to reconnect with the people we value most, she says: “I believe that photography has the ability to bring to life those natural, innocent and spontaneous everyday moments in a child’s life that cannot be staged.

“Through my image I want to tell Australians: ‘Unplug your screens! Get up, get out and explore the world.’ There’s a whole world out there to be discovered and we are too busy with our heads down in devices to see it.”

All in perfect harmony with Canon’s consumer imaging director Jason McLean who says the photo competition was in response to research “indicating that an overload of trivial ‘life logging’ photography was leaving many to search for greater authenticity and was actually diluting the power of images to make a difference in our lives.” In other words, turn you phone off and take photos with a real camera.

Julie Kerbel’s winning photo of her daughter.

Julie Kerbel’s winning photo of her daughter.

Sloppy lips

Infographic_flowchart_kissingday_2014WITH a heavy heart CC has to confess to not sharing the news that July 6 was International Kissing Day. To make amends, from Germany comes this “fun infographic to let people see if they’re a good or bad kisser”.

It rather uselessly describes the top five kissing no-nos from kissing expert Katia Loisel.

“When it comes to getting a second date or pursuing a long-term relationship, bad kissing can be the ultimate deal breaker. A study by psychology professor Gordon Gallup found that 66 per cent of women and 59 per cent of men surveyed had broken up with someone because they were a bad kisser”, says Loisel.

“In addition to leaving us feeling as though we’re walking on clouds, research has found that kissing promotes connection and relaxation, improves perceived relationship satisfaction and self-esteem, reduces stress and anxiety and boosts the immune system.”

And, in warning us off the sloppy kiss, she says: “It’s generally men that go for the full-on sloppy kiss because a big, wet, open-mouthed kiss releases testosterone. This can help women get in the mood… but don’t go for too much too soon.” You were warned, ladies.


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