Canberra Confidential: ‘Winging’ it on social media

FOUR years in the writing and composing, cabaret collaborators Karen Strahan and Jill Walsh have launched their musical comedy “Winging My Way to the Top” into a crowd-funding site to soak up the last $30,000 of the $120,000 needed to get the show to the Q Theatre stage in 16 weeks.

l. Jill Walsh and r. Karen Strahan, new musical

Jill Walsh and Karen Strahan… after crowd funding for new show.

When CC looked, they had raised $251 for the show, which is about sibling rivalry, egos and a second chance at the big time.

Curiously, the concept enjoys the endorsement of two “CityNews” music critics, Ian McLean (“History demonstrates this will be another successful venture undertaken by these two inventive ladies and I heartily recommend supporting this project”) and Bill Stephens (“an excellent piece of commercial writing, offering strong potential to become a Broadway hit”).

More usefully, it has just bagged an ArtsACT grant of $34,452 and in 2012, CAPO chipped in $4k for set design.

Donations to

The big hill calls Victor

FORMER “Canberra Times” journalist Victor Violante has left the cloisters of Joy Burch’s ministerial office to ride the range with the Federal Opposition. Violante, one of the strongest performers in the ACT Government’s spin machine, patiently kept Burch out of a lot of trouble during her bumbling early days as a minister. Impressively, he’s joining Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s staff as a Canberra-based policy adviser.

The ice queen

Canberra’s Dilli Kenyon… “Flawless” skating.

Canberra’s Dilli Kenyon… “Flawless” skating.

TWELVE-year-old Telopea High School student Dilli Kenyon has blitzed a field of 22 ice princesses in Melbourne to win the novice lady gold medal at the Australian Figure Skating Championships in Melbourne last month.

Tutor Sally Patton says: “In the short program, Dilli was flawless and as she skated I could feel the atmosphere in the Melbourne Docklands stadium was electric.

“After she skated, many other coaches said it was an amazing performance.”

Dilli capped off her championship success when she was named in the 2014 national squad, the youngest skater this year to be awarded such an honour.

Katy channels Canute

NEW Tuggers Community Council president, Eric Traise, recently met with Chief Minister Katy Gallagher for the first time.

In a report of the meeting in the council’s latest newsletter, the Chief Minister says she supports the TCC’s opposition to the controversial residential development across the border at Tralee, agreeing it was a bad decision to allow residential development under or close to airport flight paths and agreeing, Canute-like, that no ACT taxpayer funds would be spent to allow Tralee to proceed. Well, that should have developer Bob Winnel quaking in his well-heeled boots.

Wee success in the city

CBD Limited is aflush with the results of its second “trial” of six portable pissotière around the town’s late-night hot spots during Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Summernats with 3000 men recorded as having used the urinals. CEO Jane Easthope, said: “We are particularly pleased that the men in the clubbing and pubbing community are enjoying the convenience of the portable urinals.” Enjoying? When you gotta go, you gotta go, Jane.


IMG_3760FEELING the heat? Be afraid, global warming is only a few hours away at Sunshine Bay, just south of Batemans Bay, where our gardening columnist Cedric Bryant snapped this sign reporting a staggering 127C at 8.49am!

THE air-con faltered at Cinema 2 of the Capitol Theatre, Manuka, one day after Christmas affecting screenings of the movie “Frozen”!

photo(3)“HONK if you love Jesus,” says the sign outside All Souls Anglican church, in Sydney’s Leichhardt, then: “text while driving if you want to meet him”!

photo (5)IN a stand against visible underwear, the Commercial Hotel, at Bowning, north-west of Yass, warns patrons to pull their pants up or not come in. Children under three are the exception.

photo (4)SOME wags got Ming into the party mood over the festive season adorning the former PM’s statue on the Menzies Walk by the lake.



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