Canberra’s politicians get a pay rise amid entitlement changes

ACT Legislative Assembly

THE ACT Remuneration Tribunal has determined that the denizens of the Legislative Assembly are in need of a pay rise.

The tribunal considered the Wage Price Index, Average Weekly Earnings (full time adult) and the Consumer Price Index before deciding on:

  • An increase to the base rate of Members pay by 6%, from $125,259 to $132,775 per annum.
  • A reduction in the loading paid to the Deputy Leader of the Opposition from 45% to 15% of base salary. This reduction will not occur until the conclusion of the Eighth Legislative Assembly OR if there is a change from the current Member before the expiration of the current ACT Legislative Assembly.
  • Introduction of a resettlement allowance which will be an amount of two weeks’ salary per year of service, to a maximum of twelve weeks’ salary, if Members lose office, retire or resign. The resettlement allowance will be paid at the base rate of a Member.
  • Streamlining of travelling allowances payable, in line with determinations published from time to time by the Commonwealth Remuneration Tribunal and as specified in rulings from the Australian Taxation Office.
  • Abolition of accompanied travel for Executive Members.
  • Abolition of study and accompanied travel allowances for non-Executive Members.
  • Removal of the direct provision of a privately plated motor vehicle, while instead providing an allowance of $21,500 per annum.
  • Formal introduction of a taxi/hire car allowance of $2,500 for all Members to ensure that the safety of Members is not compromised. This is in addition to any support provided by ACT Government Directorates for Ministers who are performing ministerial functions.
  • Introduction of a communication allowance of $15,000 per annum for all Members. The introduction of this allowance is dependent on the abolition of the Discretionary Office Allowance maintained by the Office of the Legislative Assembly.
  • Abolition of the mobile phone/personal digital assistant allowance of $4,000 per annum for non-Executive Members.
  • Abolition of postage allowance of $1,080 for Executive Members.

    [Photo by Eliza Shields]


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