Coles and Aldi in Dickson’s future

A NEW development to begin construction this year at Dickson will feature both Coles and Aldi supermarkets, over 150 apartments and a narrow laneway with shops, cafes, high quality paving and street furniture.

Andrew Barr

Andrew Barr

The new centre will be built by a consortium made up of Coles Group Property Developments and the locally owned Doma Group, according to Treasurer and Minister for Economic Development Andrew Barr.

Designed by local architectural firm Cox, the development will be located on the existing car park site on the corner of Antill and Badham Streets.

The apartments will be built above the retail space, with all car parking to be visually screened and located in the lower levels.

“An integral component of the new development is the creation of New Dickson Lane, a narrow shared zone which will incorporate retail, alfresco cafe dining and high quality paving and street furniture,” Mr Barr said in a statement this afternoon, adding that he was “particularly pleased” by the involvement of Coles in the project.

“Coles parent company Westfarmers is one of Australia’s largest corporations, and to have them committing to a development of this size is certainly a great vote of confidence in the future of our economy.”

Construction is planned to start later this year with the first shops opening in early 2016. The completed development will double the current number of spaces in the carpark it is replacing to 500.

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