Colliers Homestead works complete

Kowen Forest

BACK in January “CityNews” explored the historic Glenburn area in Kowen Forest.

Now the ACT Government has completed protection and conservation works to the walls of the Colliers Homestead ruins at Kowen Forest with the assistance of the volunteers of the Friends of Glenburn and a very hardworking ranger.

Territory and Municipal Services Acting Operations Manager for Googong and Kowen, Mark Sweaney, said the 19th century Colliers Homestead project was just one of several protection and conservation works conducted on early European structures in the Glenburn and Burbong precinct of the Kowen Forest.

“Friends of Glenburn and Senior Ranger Dean Darcy held a number of working parties over the past six months to cap the walls at the Colliers Homestead ruins,” Mark said.

“Mr Darcy provided his bricklaying expertise while the Friends provided the grunt work by mixing the mortar and carrying it to the walls. The Friends said they were very pleased with the work Mr Darcy has done, noting that he spent several hours putting the finishing touches on the mortar after everyone else had finished.

“Work was also done to dig up re-emerging blackberries along the fence line around the site.

“These capping works will add many years to the life of the Colliers Homestead ruins so they can be enjoyed by residents and visitors to the Canberra and Queanbeyan region.

“The Colliers Homestead was built from local stone in 1880 in the Glenburn precinct in Kowen Forest. Glenburn is also home to some of the ACT and region’s earliest European settlements. It includes the Glenburn Homestead which was built in 1897, the site of the Kowen Public School and the Colverwell graves which are the oldest marked European graves in the ACT. “

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