Genevieve Jacobs makes ‘Media Watch’ after the Pilger explosion

IN a recent Canberra Confidential item, “CityNews” raised the matter of the local ABC radio’s astonishing bust-up between the queen of morning radio Genevieve Jacobs and one of Australia’s best known exports, John Pilger.

genevieve jacobs

ABC mornings radio host Genevieve Jacobs.

This week’s “Media Watch” program  has seen fit to rehash the explosive interview, along with the much anticipated transcripts and audio.

The heat of the moment in live radio is a devilishly hard thing to manage and most would agree Pilger was at best churlish, something of a stock in trade for him.

Your correspondent however remembers with considerable regret losing his rag when peppered by hostile tweets on Jacobs’ (then afternoon) show.

For most media professionals getting hauled over the “Media Watch” coals is a red badge of courage. We all make mistakes and the show rarely goes after small fry.

It’s hard to see a ticking off from Paul Barry being cause for more than a moment’s pause for the steel magnolia of Canberra’s morning radio.

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