It’s all about getting out there

LAURA EDWARDS scores some quick fitness tips off “Australia’s Biggest Loser’s” toughest trainer, Steve “Commando” Willis, who will be in Canberra this weekend.

Q: We’ve just entered 2014 and the gyms are full. How can people maintain their fitness resolutions throughout the year?

A: Some people are able to motivate themselves regardless, others need to be inspired to conjure up that motivation; the need or the want to do something. So really it’s about setting goals, thinking about what is it you want to achieve and wanting it bad enough.

If you want something bad enough, you should want it like you want your next breath. If you want it bad enough, you’ll do anything to make it happen. To do that, you may need to look outside yourself and find a group or people who inspire you, who are like-minded of what you want to achieve. Play a sport, hire a trainer, ask for help – whatever it takes. Slowly, it will become a part of your norm, and it will be just about you. Try not to focus as much on competing with everyone else.

Q: Which workouts do you think we’ll be seeing more of this year?

A: I still find crossfit is the number one training method. If you really want bang for your buck, the crossfit methodology has it all, because it’s not just about losing weight but becoming stronger and it focuses on teamwork and mindset. I also think people are becoming more interested in military-style training, whether that’s through bootcamps or elsewhere. They’re great because they can be done anywhere, by the lake or in the park.

Q: What are some of the best ways to get fit this summer if you’re not into the gym?

A: Backyard cricket is always a favourite, as well as snorkelling, beach-volleyball, biking, touch-football or even paintball. It’s all about getting out there!


Steve “Commando” Willis will be in Canberra to run three exclusive boot camps on February 22 at 10am and 3pm and February 23 at 10am at the Patrick White Lawns next to the National Library. He will also host a dinner at Maple + Clove in Barton on February 22 from 7pm. Tickets at


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