Government pleads for responsible leaf disposal this autumn


TERRITORY and Municipal Services are calling on Canberrans to compost leaves that fall on their gardens rather than blowing them out onto the street.

Indeed despite just last week threatening $5,000 fines for removing wood from public land they’re asking locals to pick up the leaves from their nature strips.

“Unfortunately, some people rake leaves off their lawn and nature strips onto the street. This can cause the gutters and drains to become blocked and ultimately leads to high nutrient levels in our lakes once the leaves reach the lakes through the stormwater network. People are encouraged to make use of the leaves in their front garden and on the nature strip too,” said the Manager of Urban Treescapes Michael Brice.

If your trees are producing more leaf litter than your compost can ever need there are some other options for disposal.

It can be taken to Corkhill Brothers at the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre or Canberra Sand and Gravel at the Parkwood Recycling Centre in Macgregor at no charge.

The Canberra Sand and Gravel facility at Mitchell will accept garden waste but charges a small fee.

Alternatively, if a drive to West Belconnen does not appeal, TAMS are scheduling additional street sweeping for the “leafy suburbs” which they define to be ones such as Ainslie, O’Connor, Forrest and Narrabundah.

TAMS provide a street sweeping schedule, but perhaps wisely it provides only the month sweeping is planned.

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