Because we haven’t forgotten your bad parking needs

Pictures of people parking badly returns to “CityNews” to brighten and warm your Monday.

First cab off the rank as it were is from Tiny The Cabbie in Weston Creek.

weston creek parking

Regular commenter “GP” has noted that in the Braddon 7/11 X apparently marks a good spot to park.


Meanwhile Rupert of Upper Evatt has a distressing tale from Westfield Belconnen:

This lady swore at me when I took a photo of her parking in a disabled space at westfield belco.

No disabled sticker on the front (I looked as I walked past the car).

She then watched where I parked my car, and parked her falcon behind me so I couldn’t get out for a good 5 minutes or so until the horn honking from other drivers behind her at 5pm on a Friday, got to her!

disabled parking

If you’ve seen someone parked creatively do please take a photo of it and send it to .


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