Huge numbers of green police hit the street


SIMON Corbell is waxing effusive about four graduating classes of police in the one week.

“Over two days last week, four classes graduated, bolstering numbers to ACT Policing by 64. The graduates are expected to spend their first few weeks in Traffic Operations before they take up their posts at police stations across the ACT,” Simon said.

Mr Corbell said this was the highest number of recruits he had seen graduate in quick succession.

“To have four classes graduate in the space of two days is remarkable for the AFP and an excellent result for the ACT. This means more police on our streets, keeping the community safe,” Mr Corbell said.

“Over the years ACT Policing has grown, not only numerically but also in stature as it continues to deliver outstanding results for the ACT community.

“These four attestations further demonstrate the ACT government’s commitment to providing the community with a strong and prepared police service.”

Here at “CityNews” we did wonder exactly how ACT Policing had grown in stature but were positively flummoxed by “attestations”. While considering ourselves to be men of letters we were forced to refer to Google which unhelpfully defines the term as “To affirm to be correct, true, or genuine”.

We’re not sure whether we should be more concerned about that, or the huge numbers of green police with guns that have been turned out into the community.

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