As Ingress drops for iOS the Canberra Resistance needs you!

A great disturbance in nerd-dom today as the augmented reality game Ingress was released for iPhones.

Previously the game was Android only.

A video game played out in the real world Ingress is sometimes called “boot camp for nerds” because of all the walking, cycling, and exploring it encourages the players to undertake.

There is of course only one side of virtue, the Canberra Resistance, played by the cool and good looking Ingress players.

The “Slime” who call themselves “The Enlightened” (like some sort of loopy cult from Lovecraftian horror) are hard on the eye, and soft in the brain, but numerous and tenacious like a horde of orcs.

Whichever side you choose there’s great healthy fun to be had in and around Canberra and if you notice large numbers of people standing around national monuments at strange times poking at their phones this will be why.

Your correspondent of course plays for the noble Resistance and encourages readers to sign up and say Hi.

It’s even running great on my iPad!

ingress on ipad

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