‘Leccy leachers strike at Eddison Park

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TERRITORY and Municipal Services have expressed their dismay that the gnarly youths frequenting the Woden skate park have been tampering with infrastructure to charge their iPads.

“Most recently the switchboard and power outlets at the skate park were vandalised less than 24 hours after $1,000 was spent repairing previous vandalism. It appears the assets were broken into to gain access to electricity,” Planning and Program Manager, Place Management, Julie Garbode, said.

“We cannot justify these costs, and there is a safety risk in leaving the switchboard and power outlets exposed to the public. As a result, temporary signs are being installed at the skate park advising that the power may be disconnected permanently if the vandalism continues. The signs will be on display prior to the start of the latest set of repairs on Wednesday 2 April 2014.”

TAMS are threatening to leave the skate park unlit at night if their facilities are not respected.

Considering the huge health and safety risks of such a move one has to wonder if installing an outdoors power point would not be the wiser course.

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