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WHILE applauding Robert Macklin on his positive comment on Katy Gallagher’s support of Ramadan (Seven Days, CN July 10), it’s a bit hypocritical of Macklin considering his overt criticism of Christianity.

I would have thought that he would welcome either ALL faiths or none at all. You can’t have it both ways, Robert.

Geoff McLaren, via email

Macklin should apologise

I OBJECT to columnist Robert Macklin’s remarks on Rolf Harris (Seven Days, CN July 10).

He states: “I suspect the enthusiasm they brought to his prosecution had much to do with the Brits not being able to make the disgusting Jimmy Savile pay for his crimes”.

It was disgusting what Mr Harris did to one girl in particular, but had little to do with the Savile case.

Mr Macklin has made Harris’s crimes sound like he should have just been slapped on the wrist – this is just so totally unfair to the many girls and women who were physically and mentally abused, and especially to those who were courageous enough to come forward from the beginning.

Mr Macklin should apologise for his ill-informed and light-hearted comments about this case.

Anne Wyer via email

Ready to play my part

AT the risk of sounding nationalistic, I am tired of the civil rights people objecting to almost anything restrictive that governments do.

The latest is data retention. Nobody wants to take out insurance – on their house, car, possessions – but virtually everyone does it because it’s the sensible thing to do. Yes it costs, but trying to ensure safety always does.

Nobody wants even to think of it, but some experts are saying there will be a terrorist attack in Australia. If there is, hundreds could be killed or injured, and I suggest the most silent voices in our community then would be the civil libertarians.

I am ready to play my part in helping to protect my country and its citizens while simultaneously supporting the full force of the law against those who betray that protection.

Colliss Parrett, Barton


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