Letters / ‘Loonies’ slur wrong

COLUMNIST Robert Macklin in “Tony takes ’em on, young and old” (CN, May 29) in commenting on Canberra parents refusing to allow their “kids” (children, not goats) to be immunised, refers to such parents as “loonies”, which might not be appropriate at all or at least in all circumstances.

Edward Corbitt, via email

Guilty on both counts

MICHAEL Moore, unsurprisingly, has jumped eagerly to the defence of Joy Burch and Jorian Gardner (“When the privileged few go feral’, CN, June 12).

It demonstrates both monumental stupidity and abysmal ignorance of the murderous regime of the Third Reich to dress up in Nazi uniform in a taxpayer-funded festival. Burch and Gardner are guilty of both counts.

Christina Faulk, Swinger Hill

Start the shows on time!

TV dramas starting later than advertised means viewers have to keep switching stations, making following of plots very difficult. I’m now at the stage where Sherlock Holmes, briefed by Bones, has joined the Mentalist because they believe Red John is still alive – but may be dead within 24 hours.

This makes him a person of interest, thereby attracting the attention of the Law and Order team which, co-operating with the CSI unit, discover that Red John may have been ex-navy, automatically bringing in the NCIS to determine whether they have a role to play…

Please start the dramas on time!

Colliss Parrett, Barton


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