Letters: Praise Shane, not ridicule him

THE ACT Greens’ Shane Rattenbury deserves to be congratulated, rather than ridiculed by Mark Parton (“St Shane of the imaginary animals”, CN March 6).

The banning of cage-egg production and sow stalls in the ACT ensures these inhumane and outdated farming practices can never again be part of the ACT landscape.

After 18 years and seven attempts, this Bill has finally passed, what a truly fantastic day for the welfare of animals, imaginary or not.

 Chris Doyle, Gordon

How stupid is this?

THE absence of consistent street numbering in Canberra business districts (city and suburbs) is a disgrace and a symptom of government negligence as much as are broken pavements or clogged drains.

As evidence, consider Brierly Street, Weston. On its western side the visible numbering from south to north is – Chicken shop, nil; pizza shop, nil; garden shop, nil; bank, 11; offices, 12; pizza shop, nil; wine shop, nil; mini market, nil; restaurant, nil; estate agent, nil; café, 6/25 (facing Brierly but could refer to Trenerry); estate agent, 9 &10; carpet shop, 8; restaurant, nil; hair salon, nil; estate agent, nil; hair salon, 3B 39; chiropractor, 4 (43 on high wall sign); café, nil; auto shop, nil and service station, nil (told it is 47).

How stupid is this when strangers are encouraged to visit Canberra, or someone needs to find a business, or even figure out which way street numbers are running?

One business on line gives its address as 28 Brierly Street, but Google Maps cannot find it. No wonder.

 P. Edwards, Weston Creek

 Wake up to our environment

WHEN I first arrived in Australia from England in 1957, age 17, I found a job as a jackaroo at Gunnedah on a large sheep and cattle station.

In the first weekend, the cocky explained a few things about local wildlife. He said go for a walk, take a gun and shoot anything that moves except sheep, cattle and the dogs. At that stage, I had not even seen a kangaroo, let alone giant goannas, which I thought were dragons. Goannas, kangaroos, wedgetail eagles, white cockatoos, foxes and snakes, shoot the lot, I was told.

Some things never change. We shoot the kangaroos in Canberra, kill the sharks and crocodiles in other places when we know that there is a risk in being in their habitat, although the worst thing the kangaroos do is damage to speeding cars.

Now it is the turn of the Koel. What next, open season on cockatoos or possums as some would suggest?

Wake up, Australia and learn to live with the environment!

Cedric Bryant, Watson

Horse power

Brego the brave horse.

Brego the brave horse.

 I WANT to tell you about my horse, Brego.

I have had him for around six months and he means the world to me. I have had two other horses since I was about 14 and recently I put them both down. I was devastated and didn’t think I would get another horse – but things happen, and I met Brego.

Since I’ve had him, he has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his eyelid. It was recently operated on however tests show that there are still cancerous cells remaining. A further operation will be required soon. At the same time, the vet discovered issues with his teeth and operated on those as well.

Throughout this procedure, Brego has taken it all in his stride and he has a beautiful nature. He has had a tough life, but through all of that he doesn’t seem to have lost faith in humans.

Despite setbacks with his health, he is worth every effort and every dollar spent just for what he gives back in kindness. It just goes to show how animals can play such an important role in human well-being.

 Fiona Mckenna, via email



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