Lights to stay on at Eddison Park


TERRITORY and Municipal Services are planning to change the wiring at Eddison Park following further vandalism to their power switchboard.

At their wits end due to skateboard park denizens making free with the supposedly secure switchboards the Directorate plans to move the lighting timing machinery off site.

“The switchboard at the skate park has been vandalised repeatedly in the past, with three acts of vandalism in the past few weeks,” Planning and Program Manager, Place Management, Julie Garbode, said.

“The damaged caused by vandals can cost up to $2,000 to repair each time. While we originally considered disconnecting the lighting due to the high rate of vandalism, after seeking some technical advice, it was decided alterations could be made so the system could not be manually overridden. This means the lights will stay on from 6 pm to 10 pm on an automated schedule, but even if vandals break into the timer box, they will not be able to change the lighting schedule.

“Hopefully, without the incentive to break into the timer box we hope vandalism to the item will stop. Pedestrian lighting in the area is activated by light sensors and will continue to come on at night.”

[Photo by Naoki Tomeno, Attribution Licence]

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