Monday parking this week focusses on the Dickson playing fields

antill parking

THIS week’s dose of bad parking has but a single entry, for “CityNews'” own gardening guru Cedric Bryant.

Cedric has been incensed with the tree destroying sports parents parking on the Antill Street median strip adjacent to the Dickson playing fields.

Firstly the whole length of the median strip every few metres are signs saying ‘no parking’.

It would appear drivers think this only applies to business hours.

The main time these vehicles are parked on the median strip is at weekends and in the evening. This is particularly dangerous when it is dark [with the playing fields in operation under lights] with children often running across the road from the median strip.

It is obvious that those parking their cars have no respect for the trees. Firstly it compacts the ground excluding oxygen to the roots and rain getting to the roots.

What I cannot understand is the sporting organisations not telling the clubs that if you park on the median strip at any time you will be booked.

Within 100m from the playing fields there is a large car park at Dickson College unused when these events are on, although most too lazy to walk the distance even though they are promoting their kids with exercise!

Regards Cedric


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