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Hunter Page-Lochard in “Around the Block”... “The boy wants to do good for his family but the brother wants revenge.”

Hunter Page-Lochard in “Around the Block”… “The boy wants to do good for his family but the brother wants revenge.” Photo by Alina Gozin’a

WITH Hunter Page-Lochard’s antecedents, he could hardly have ended up anywhere but the performing arts.

His father is Stephen Page, the eminent choreographer and founder of Bangarra dance theatre. And Lochard is his mother Cynthia Lochard, one of Sydney’s top Pilates teachers and former dancer with the New York City Ballet and the Sydney Dance Company.

I’m talking by phone to the eloquent 20-year-old actor – he’ll turn 21 on July 4 – about his role in “Around the Block”, which premiered at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival with critics calling it “Aussie’s film triumph”.

The film, which also stars Christina Ricci and Jack Thompson, will have a short theatrical window in June before being released on DVD and Canberra will get to meet Page-Lochard later this month at a Q&A.

Needless to say, Page-Lochard was raised backstage and while, unlike his parents, he never undertook any formal theatrical training, he was always what he called “a quiet observer” from the wings.

“It’s what my father taught me to do,” he says, “and it was the best possible training.”

It also gave him an edge on other young people as, armed with a course in screenwriting at the Australian Film Television and Radio School, he now defines his life objectives as “to be able to observe and to be able to write”.

“I’ve got a lot of ideas, I’m only 20 but I’ve got a lot of things in place,” he tells “CityNews”.

“Around the Block” is set in WA, but it could be anywhere. It shows what happens when a young boy (his role) encounters an American drama teacher who energises him and shows him how to escape the cycle of revenge initiated by his manipulative older brother after their father is unjustly jailed.

“The boy wants to do good for his family but the brother wants revenge,” Page-Lochard says, suggesting that there are strong overtones of “Hamlet” in the film.

“In the end, drama is inspiring to the boy,” he says.

“Around the Block” Q&A and screening, Limelight Cinema, Tuggeranong, 6.30pm, Wednesday, June 25. Bookings to limelightcinemas.com.au



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