A quality selection of bad parking to get the week started


MONDAY was taken up by the Queen’s Birthday but we’re getting back in the swing of things with a special Tuesday edition.

I took the one above in the London Circuit car park next to the Canberra Museum, always a good place to go looking for poor parking. I particularly like how one car is well over the line, while the other has hopefully jammed into a spot that is clearly not meant to be parked in.

Let that whet your appetite for what might well be the most astonishing piece of parking we’ve ever seen.

Disabled Parking2

Terry took this shot in the Gungahlin Woolworths car park. There’s no sign of a disabled sticker in the windscreen and while we don’t like to judge there’s a lot of heavy equipment in that trailer, and to take up at least three, maybe four of the spaces?

We stand in slack-jawed awe.

If you see interesting parking around Canberra do send it in to john@citynews.com.au .

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