Rabbit killing program planned for Pine Island. Watch out for your pets


The ACT Parks and Conservation Service wishes to advise residents that a rabbit control program will be undertaken from Monday 2 June 2014 to Monday 30 June 2014 at the Pine Island Reserve.

Regional Manager, National Parks and Catchments, Brett McNamara said the program will involve the use of pindone poison to control the rabbit population.

“Rabbits are a serious environmental pest as their grazing results in a loss of vegetation and their warrens contribute to soil erosion. Grazing by rabbits threatens the survival of native birds, mammals, and insects that rely on plants for food and shelter,” Brett said.

“Residents are asked not to touch or interfere with poisoned carrots or caged bait stations. Domestic animals are at risk of poisoning and must be kept away from these areas.

“In the event a domestic animal starts to show signs of pindone poisoning the animal should be taken to a vet immediately. The antidote is available from most veterinarians. It consists of an injection of Vitamin K which counteracts the effects of pindone in the body.”

[Photo by Richard Taylor, Attribution Licence]

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