Rangers pretend to care about shopping trolleys


TERRITORY and Municipal Services have sent forth word that they are very busy looking for shopping trolleys and the fruit of their labours is 94 impounded trolleys all year.

It helps that before going looking they give indolent retailers two days notice in writing.

“Following the latest collection day last week in the major shopping centres in Phillip and Lanyon and the surrounding suburbs City Rangers have collected 94 abandoned shopping trolleys in the ACT this year,” Senior Ranger, City Services, Glenn Tomlinson said.

“Prior to each collection day, retailers in the areas were given two days’ warning to advise them trolleys located outside shopping precinct areas in parkland, open spaces, waterways or on playing fields will be impounded,” Mr Tomlinson said.

“Leaving trolleys on the streets has a direct cost to retailers as there is a fee of $115.90 to retrieve an impounded trolley. This will increase to $120 in the 2014/2015 financial year.”

“It is also important for members of the public to take responsibility for returning trolleys to designated areas after use fines can apply under the Litter Act 2014 for taking, using or leaving a shopping trolley outside a shopping centre precinct.

“Further trolley collection days are planned for Weston Shopping Centre and City Centre in July, the Gungahlin and Dickson shops in August and the Belconnen shops in September.”

Needing a picture of shopping trolley for this story it took your correspondent less than a minute to find the two pictured on City Walk.

It is hard to imagine anyone who cared with half a brain taking more than a morning to find 94 abandoned trolleys in this town, let alone half a year.

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