Relive the glories of the Bus Safe Rap

Remember when ACTION had a building in heart of the bus interchange? When fares were placed into red boxes, when paper passes sufficed for bus tickets and nobody had to tag off?

The magic of YouTube allows us to revisit the glory years of educational rap videos and orange ACTION buses after kommissartodd06 uploaded this gem yesterday with these words:

This is a video of the “Bus Safe Rap”, a safety video made for ACTION Buses in Canberra to demonstrate how to safely catch a bus. Apologies for the quality, this is from a VHS that has been sitting in a filing cabinet for years. Of course this was produced at a time when rapping a video about safety was common place and all together cool beans….. So don’t forget to signal the driver, pay the exact fare in the red fare box, sit down on the seat and hold on for the bus safety ride of your life!

Sage advice for the ages and we wonder if Psy didn’t steal some of those dance moves for Gangnam Style.

UPDATE: Todd Milton has been in touch with more information:

“The video was found in the collection of the Retired ACT Transport Employees club who preserve the heritage of public transportation and COMCAR here in the ACT. We are currently attempting to create digital copies of the collection and I found a couple of videos including this one in the collection, as well as other “Bus Safe Rap” merchandise handed out to kids who completed the Bus Safety course. It is great to see it is being promoted as it is certainly an interesting video that is sure to bring back many memories, hopefully I can get it running on a loop in our clubhouse for open days.

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One Response to “Relive the glories of the Bus Safe Rap”

  1. John Moulis
    June 11, 2014 at 5:45 pm #

    I remember “Don’t Take Your Cars To Town”, an ACTION campaign from 1979 featuring a reworking of the Johnny Cash classic Don’t Take Your Guns To Town.

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