Roundabouts cause havoc for ACT drivers

ACT drivers are finding themselves in nose-to-tail collisions more often then any other type of crash, with almost three in 10 accidents involving one car smashing into the back of another, according to new data. Canberra12

An analysis of almost 250,000 claims by insurer AAMI for its annual crash index showed nose-to-tail collisions have reduced slightly from the previous year but still remain the most common type of accident on ACT roads, followed by parked car dings.

AAMI spokesperson Reuben Aitchison said it was “surprising” the ACT is above the national average when it comes to nose-to-tail collisions given it doesn’t have as much high density traffic and congestion as the major East coast cities.

“Australia’s capital, however, is famous for its roundabouts and the high proportion of this type of intersection, combined with common driver errors such as failing to indicate when exiting roundabouts and showing a general lack of patience, could be the reason why there are so many,” Aitchison said.


Data also showed collisions as a result of failing to give way has moved from fourth to third place, while crashes with stationary objects dropped from third place last year to fourth.

Our most common accidents: 



1. Nose to tail (28.4%)

1. Nose to tail (27.8%)

2. Parked car dings (20.5%)

2. Parked car dings (21.4%)

3. Failed to give way (16%)

3. Failed to give way (20.5%)

4. Collision with a stationary object (15.5%)

4. Collision with a stationary object (14.7%)

5. Collision while reversing (11.3%)

5. Collision while reversing (11%)


*AAMI analysis of almost 250,000 accident insurance claims between October 2012 and September 2013



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