Shane calls on Canberrans to protest for refugees

refugee boat

GREEN MLA Shane Rattenbury is heading to the barricades on Northbourne Avenue this evening and is calling on Canberrans to join him in rallying for refugees.

“Over the last decade we have watched the two old parties compete for the cruellest, most hard-lined border protection policy – and both parties have lost sight of who they are protecting,” Shane said

“The Abbott Government has handed at least 41 asylum seekers back to the Sri Lankan Government they fled, and the whereabouts and safety of another 153 people – including 37 children – remains unknown.

“I, and the Greens, condemn the Abbott Government’s cruelty and continue to advocate for a fair, compassionate and humane asylum seeker policy.”

The Canberra Refugee Action Network community protest is taking place at the intersection of Northbourne Ave and Barry Drive this afternoon at 5.30pm.

[Photo of Somalian refugees via wikimedia]

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