Shopping trolleys in Civic Square

shopping trolleys in Civic Square

AT the end of June we marvelled that Canberra’s City Rangers had somehow only impounded 94 shopping trolleys in the first half of the year.

So we’re thrilled to be able to help them out, noting that this handsome pair are in Civic Square, directly outside the Legislative Assembly, the very source of all the legislating on the subject of shopping trolleys.

It looks like there’s at least a dollar in it for someone to take them back to whence they came.

It does, however, make one wonder if the bristling nests of security cameras mounted on the Assembly building might have picked up the perpetrators?

assembly security cameras

UPDATE: In the meantime the good folk at Trolley Tracker have been in touch to let us know Lina Blair of Nicholls is going to collect a $1,000 prize for reporting a wayward shopping trolley from Woolworths Gungahlin through Trolley Tracker.

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