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LYN MILLS reports from opening night of the Israeli Film Festival

FILM festival openings are usually convivial occasions with like minded film buffs happy to discuss and recommend the latest celluloid attractions on the program.

The Israeli Film Festival was opened at Palace Electric by Brian Loughnane, federal director of the Liberal Party, with a small audience, a restrained sense of occasion and more security than the complex is ever likely to see for the Israeli ambassador, Shmuel Ben-Shmuel.

Film can make a difference in a world of turmoil by bringing perspectives to the discussions, opinions and overwhelming sense of impotence we may feel. But I’m unsure the opening-night film, “Self Made”, will have a profound impact on world affairs, though it may make us groan in unison as the scenes of flatpacks and screws from the mighty emporium of all-you’ve-ever-wanted-to-build-for-your-home create misery.

That aside, this black comedy is about an Israeli woman who can’t remember who she is after bumping her head when her bed collapses and a Palestinian who is reminded daily of her place, who somehow have a mystical moment that transposes their identities.

Like those flatpacks we needed instructions.

The program continues until August 31.


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