Todd Carney runs out of other people to urinate on


IT is perhaps instructive that every single time in my career I’ve wondered “How am I going to pixelate that?” the person pictured has an association with the Canberra Raiders.

Today it’s Todd Carney, a man once banished from the City of Goulburn for his crimes, who in 2008 was sacked by the Raiders for weeing on a man at the then All Bar Nun (now Duxton) in O’Connor.

If you must look the picture at the heart of the row is online but don’t say you weren’t warned.

Early reports described the act as “Gargoyling”. Urban Dictionary has 11 definitions of that term almost all of them revolting and none actually describing what Todd is up to.

He’s now been sacked by Cronulla for the latest picture which his manager David Riolo says was “set-up” meaning there’s some sort of perspective trick.

Intriguingly Riolo says the photographer lost their phone shortly after the picture was taken which seems like astonishingly bad luck.

The question remains who on earth would want to pose like that (even if it was a perspective trick) and allow themselves to be photographed?

UPDATE: Even before Todd brought the practice into the mainstream Vice had an article about “bubbling” and the skateboarding community.

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