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VARSITY Derby League (VDL), Canberra’s only gender-inclusive roller derby league, is looking for male and female new players, referees and officials and will be holding an information night on Friday 8 August at Digress Cocktail Bar in Civic at 7 pm.

No experience with roller skating or roller derby is needed as all coaching and instruction is provided by the league.

“We have two women’s teams, a men’s team and a mixed team, as well as our referees and off-skates officials, so there’s plenty of opportunities for anyone interested in roller derby to get involved,” said VDL Vice-President Jessica Robinson (AKA Jessica Rabid).

“You don’t even need to be able to skate—we’ll teach you all you need to know to be a roller derby star. So even if you think you’re too old or unfit or not the right size or shape, if you’re passionate about roller derby we’d love to have you with us.”

Potential new members are invited to the information night to find out about the special ‘fresh meat’ boot camp, meet the league’s trainers and skaters, and to ask any questions they might have about roller derby.

There will be three free intake sessions at the VDL training venue at Woden beginning from Sunday 10 August; full details will be provided at the information night.

Skaters will need quad roller skates suitable for derby, and protective gear – knee, elbow and wrist pads plus a helmet and mouth guard. Some equipment other than mouth guards may be available to borrow for the first sessions.

VDL can be contacted via:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/VarsityDerbyLeague

Email: varsityderbyleague@gmail.com

Website: www.varsityderbyleague.com

Twitter: twitter.com/VarsityDerby

About Varsity Derby League

Formed in 2011, Varsity Derby League is an independent roller derby league and non-profit organisation based in Canberra. Originally associated with the Australian National University (hence the name), in 2014 the league will be hosting four home bouts versus other leagues as well as travelling interstate for bouts and tournaments. Home bouts are held regularly at Southern Cross Stadium Tuggeranong, and the league trains at Woden.

What is roller derby?

Roller derby is a full contact sport played on quad roller skates on a flat or banked track. Two teams of five compete against each other, each team consisting of one jammer and four blockers. Jammers score a point for each member of an opposing team they pass, and the aim of the blockers is to obstruct the opposing jammer and blockers while assisting their own jammer through the pack of skaters. This results in fast-paced strategic bouts with plenty of action on all sides.

[Photo: Varsity Derby League’s women’s team, the DisHonour Rollers, playing against VDL’s men’s team, Capital Carnage. Photo by David Mackie.]


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