Calling female fireys

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JOY Burch says the ACT Government will, in a national first, aim to fill half of the places in the next ACT Fire & Rescue recruit college with female firefighters.

“ACT Fire & Rescue will call for applications to fill the places in their 2016 recruit college on 1 February 2016,” Ms Burch said. “There will be 16 positions on offer in the recruitment round with hopes of filling eight of those with women, providing they meet the standards set for all applicants.”

“ACT Fire & Rescue is specifically targeting women to join their service as part of the ACT Emergency Services Agency’s Women in Emergency Services Strategy, which aims to provide a pathway for our emergency services to better reflect the community we serve by increasing gender diversity.

“If you are an intelligent, fit, and community minded woman looking for a unique challenge, consider a career in firefighting. Prepare for the recruitment process by going to the ESA website at

“You will find all the information you need about how to apply and what to do to get ready for the process. This includes a recruit information guide, general fitness training advice and a specially produced video of the various physical aptitude test tasks candidates will have to undertake as part of the recruitment process.

“The recruitment process will be preceded by a marketing campaign targeted towards women over the next three-and-a-half months aimed at attracting applicants to apply in February next year. The campaign has been specially designed based on the feedback from extensive research involving people who have expressed an interest in applying to become a firefighter in the ACT over the past twelve months.”

[Photo: Minister for Emergency Services Joy Burch with station officer Gina Kikos. In a national first, the ACT Government will aim to fill half of the places in the next ACT Fire & Rescue recruit college with female firefighters.]

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