Westside Acton Park to be open in a month?

Above is the “Westside Acton Park” as it appears on their website.

The developers behind it, known as the “Stomping Ground Collective” have been out wowing the Canberra Times and the local ABC with Nick Kyrgios and Caroline Buchanan and tales of the wondrous retail cum dining cum entertainment cum sporting precinct they’ve “popped up” in the best part of a year on the old futsal slab by Commonwealth Avenue.

Of particular note is a planned completion date of Canberra Day.

That would be March 9, just days over a month away. Here’s where construction is today at 11am February 5.

If they’re all done by Canberra Day, with all the approvals they’re going to need, it’s going to be a spectaular effort. This morning the workforce appeared to consist of two blokes and a dog turning a shovel over during breaks in the cricket.

We wish them all the best of luck.

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