Eastman to go back on trial for the Winchester Murder

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CANBERRA’s answer to “Making A Murderer” has taken a new twist today with the ACT Supreme Court finding that David Eastman’s application to a stay on proceedings had failed to establish circumstances fitting to an acquittal.

In the words of the court:

Eastman has not satisfied the Court that the proceeding against him should be permanently stayed.

The court has made no judgment as to his guilt or innocence, just that the Director of Public Prosecutions may proceed with its determination for a retrial.

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One Response to “Eastman to go back on trial for the Winchester Murder”

  1. richard mullins
    January 10, 2017 at 12:16 pm #

    “Anyone with an iq above room temperature” would think it more likely than not that Eastman has been stitched up. Where is the Ruger that went missing from police custody after the murder (report in the Canberra Times at the time)? I’m not even in a position to say that the story about the missing Ruger was true or not – newspapers seem to tell lies all the time.

    However there is definite evidence that the cartridge cases were not found in a first search. Even at the time, people were wondering if the cartridge cases that were found hours later, after not being found in the first search, were dropped to lay a false trail.

    Good remaining evidence is the poor quality audio which is claimed to include a confession “he was the first man I ever killed”. You can process poor quality audio with Youtube to produce nonsensical transcriptions – is this what was done?

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