Algae forces Captain Cook Memorial Jet off

THE Captain Cook Memorial Jet will not be operational in the near future following tests showing extreme levels of blue-green algae in Lake Burley Griffin.

captain cook memorial jet

The Captain Cook Memorial Jet in Central Basin will remain off as winds can create fine mists and cause lake water to travel to foreshore areas, potentially exposing the public to blue-green algae.

The extreme blue-green algae levels, as defined by the ACT Guidelines for Recreational Water Quality, can cause a range of health issues.


The Captain Cook Memorial Jet will start operating again when the blue-green algae have reduced to safe levels.

The National Capital Authority (NCA) is monitoring the conditions by undertaking regular sampling.

The Summer Recreational Season has closed and activities such as swimming and bathing is not advised during colder months as water temperatures pose a high risk of causing hyperthermia.

Secondary contact recreation such as rowing, fishing, boating and canoeing will still be permitted.

Exposure to blue-green algae include:

  • Skin/mucosa irritation, flu-like symptoms, and gastrointestinal illness;
  • There is an increased risk of adverse health effects from water exposure for secondary contact recreation.
  • People should not engage in secondary contact recreation unless they’re experienced, informed, do not engage in primary contact during the recreation and use showering facilities, with suitable water  after the recreation.
  • Water users should shower after water contact.
  • Water users should look for algae warning signs indicating the current alert level at major water entry points as algal levels can change quickly depending on the weather and water nutrient levels.
  • Pet owners should not allow their animals to swim in or drink lake water in areas where there are algal scums.

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