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IT seems only a short time ago we were enjoying daffodils and, with March a few weeks away, it’s time to dig up and replant bulbs. 

Dig up bulbs in shady spots and replant bulbs in full sunshine.

Often when bulbs were originally planted they were in full sun, which is essential. But, over the years, evergreen shrubs may have grown, resulting in the bulbs now being in shade. Also with years of mulching, bulbs gradually get deeper in the ground.

So now, without delay, is the time to dig them up and replant in full sun.

Forget the complicated charts in garden magazines on the right depth for planting. Simply plant a bulb as deep as it is thick, ie daffodils being about 6cm thick from top to bottom, plant 6cm deep.


I ALWAYS recommend buying bulbs from local garden centres rather than online because it helps support local businesses providing professional advice from trained horticulturists and, when buying online, the quality and size of bulbs (or any plant bought online) is unknown and can’t be sent back.

Bulbs are graded according to size and garden centres buy the best quality.


Remove the centres from chrysanthemums for more flowers.

AS we return from holidays to high water bills for trying to keep the garden alive, perhaps the most important tasks are to check the watering system and fill the bird bath.

As lemons are developing at this time, it is vitally important not to allow the tree to dry out.

I recommend a deep watering once a week and, unless the tree is on a drip system, make a bank around the tree to hold a minimum of at least three to four buckets of wate, maybe more if the tree is large.


DEAD-head roses now and apply a liquid feed that can be applied on the leaves as well as on the ground (deep water the ground first) to provide a flush of autumn blooms.

Ideally, use certified organic products such as liquid Maxicrop Seaweed Plant Nutrient or Neutrog Seamungus, which is a combination of chook poo and seaweed.


  • IT’S not too late to nip the centres out of chrysanthemums to encourage strong lateral growth with extra branching resulting in more flowers later in the autumn.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Bruno and Hedy Zimmermann, whose Heritage Nursery at Yarralumla, has been awarded the Best Regional Business for ACT and South West 2017 by the Nursery and Garden Industry Member’s Choice.
  • THE magazine “Canberra Gardener” is produced by the Horticultural Society of Canberra especially for local conditions. The society meets the third Monday of each month, always with an interesting speaker.



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