High heart attack rates in north Canberra suburb

CEO of the ACT Heart Foundation, Tony Stubbs.

FOR the first time, the Heart Foundation has analysed the rate of heart attacks in Canberra revealing which residents have the highest and lowest heart-related incidents in the territory. 

The analysis reveals that Belconnen residents have the highest heart-related incidents, while Woden and Weston Creek residents have the lowest.

CEO of the ACT Heart Foundation Tony Stubbs says it’s not about “who is the unhealthiest” or “who is the fittest” but it’s about how Canberra can better focus health services and resources. 

“It’s about being smarter – and better informed. The Heart Foundation will continue to monitor the health needs of Canberrans. We are working to ensure health services in the ACT not only meet the health needs of all Canberrans, but are, most importantly, available to those that need them most,” Mr Stubbs says. 

The statistics have come from the national research piece, Heart Maps, which measures hospital admissions, mortality and risk factor statistics across Australia.

Heart Maps will provide valuable insights to help inform the “Territory-Wide Health Services Framework” and “Preventative Health Strategy”.

“I’m quietly confident we are working towards a future where health services are offered around a person’s needs. As opposed to where a person navigates old or clunky systems. That might have been sufficient 40 years ago, but not today,” Mr Stubbs says. 

Mr Stubbs encourages people to take an active interest in managing their heart risk factors.

“Check you don’t have high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Keep your salt intake below one teaspoon a day. Don’t smoke. Move more, eat healthily,” he says. 

“Know the signs of a heart attack and act on them immediately. If you’ve had a heart attack, it is critical to head along to a cardiac rehabilitation program. These programs save lives by helping prevent a second heart event.” 

Further information on The Heart Maps is available via heartfoundation.org.au

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