Letters / Angry about boy’s plight

PEOPLE in high places never cease to surprise and disgust me (“Barr says no to boy attacked by dogs”, CN, July 27).

The simple fact that this poor child, Jack Hartigan, and his family would have had seven years of horror and pain and all that the big wigs can manage to do is argue amongst themselves.

No doubt if it was a child of theirs they would use all means possible to get the $200,000. At this moment I have just read Michael Moore’s column and could vomit I am so angry and disgusted.

How do these people sleep at night? At least MLA Steve Doszpot can hold his head up, but all the others can hang their heads in shame and crawl into a hole.

C Worsley, Palmerston

Well done, driver

ON Monday, July 31, our garbage collector drove his truck, in the rain, down one side of our street and back up the other, carefully replacing each bin lid to avoid rain filling the bins while residents weren’t home.

I know we always tend to complain about so many little things, but seldom do we give praise when credit is due.

So, to our friendly garbo, a very big thanks. Your thoughtfulness was much appreciated by your many unseen customers.

M McGregor, Curtin

Footballers play on

CANBERRANS are near the top of per-capita, illicit drug use. They will remain so if all users get the same treatment as the two football players on May 6 in Civic who, according to media reports, were seen by police snorting a white powder – reportedly cocaine – through banknotes given to them by the supplier, who was later charged.

I inquired subsequently from the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Mick Gentleman, if the two had been charged.

His emailed response was: “Thank you for your email and apologies for the delay. The two NZ Rugby players have not been charged with any offences contrary to ACT law. ACT Policing investigated the incident and confirmed that the individuals did not have illicit drugs in their possession. In line with social expectations, ACT Policing considered the principles within the harm minimisation strategy, which includes that users of illicit substances should not be charged for self-administration.”

Colliss Parrett, Barton

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