New laws to target OMCG shootings

THE ACT government is currently taking steps to target criminal activity by outlaw motorcycle gangs following a recent shooting, says the Minister for Police and Emergency Services Mick Gentleman. 

Mick Gentleman

“A recent incident where bullets were fired into the walls and windows of a house demonstrated a gap in the law in the ACT, as ACT Policing officers were unable to either enter the house or establish a crime scene until a search warrant was obtained,” Mr Gentleman says.

“If the occupants of a house in this scenario subsequently tamper with evidence while police are obtaining a search warrant, this impacts on the ability of ACT Policing and forensic specialists to examine the scene.”

The ACT government and ACT Policing are working together to continually strengthen its response to OMCG activities.

“This involves an ongoing conversation between the ACT government and ACT Policing about what tools and resources, including new laws, could assist police to target OMCGs,” Mr Gentleman says.

“A specific offence addressing drive-by shootings would subject this dangerous behaviour to a serious penalty, even if it cannot be shown that a particular individual was the target of the shooting. This would make it clear to OMCGs that the community rejects this behaviour.”

Mr Gentleman says the ACT government wants to include;

  • a new offence directly addressing drive-by shootings to ensure this behaviour is subject to an appropriately serious penalty
  • new crime scene powers, and
  • firearm prohibition orders.

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