Protesting vegans take to the streets

MEMBERS of Vegan ACT and Animal Liberation ACT will be taking part in the “March to Close All Slaughterhouses” in Civic this morning at 11 o’clock.
The march is held internationally and is happening simultaneously in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and Canberra.
The Civic march will start at the fountain in City Walk, then pass through Garema Place and Bunda Street to Glebe Park for a free community vegan barbecue.
“We are calling for an end to all animal slaughter, for veganism, which must begin with consumers,” says Michelle Swan, of Vegan ACT.
“The march raises awareness about the billions of food animals whose lives are cut short each year. I will be participating in a march to help encourage people to question what really goes on behind the walls of slaughterhouses. Believe me, it isn’t pretty.
Animals are among the most vulnerable individuals in our society, yet they continue to be killed at ever increasing rates.
“As a community that values freedom and fairness, we don’t extend this to animals unless they are animals that we deem worthy such as dogs or cats. Around the world, dozens of cities unite for this march to peacefully speak out against what is hidden behind abattoir walls.”

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