Review / ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’ (PG) **** and a half

I WONDER how many elected politicians, captains of industry, financiers, opinion pundits, media stars and others vicariously engaging in opinion forming understand the difference between climate and weather, or how those two environmental influences interact on life on this planet of ours.

In this film, former US vice-president Al Gore, a decade after the release of “An Inconvenient Truth”, looks back upon those years, illustrates what has happened, explains how it happened and gives us an undeniable and uncompromising warning about what will happen unless the teeming millions who feel powerless to prevent the degradation of nature’s life-supporting mechanisms, rise and say: “Enough”.

In this remarkable documentary by Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, Gore says we can make change happen, similarly to the great social changes of the last few decades. And he warns us that if we don’t set about preparing for it now, turning the decision makers’ chorus of “no” into “yes” may be too late.

It’s a beautiful film, supporting Gore’s arguments with visible evidence accompanied by statements from folk whose positions in lower levels of public life give them a measure of street cred.

It’s a frightening film, documenting events already in place that will pose enormous problems in reversing or at least preventing from progressing further.

It’s a clarion call to influential naysayers to take note of and act upon its verifiable science.

If ever there was a film that should be obligatory screening to the world’s decision makers, this is it. Joe and Betty Average need to see it, too. Our grandchildren will not thank us unless the rot gets stopped in a very short time.

Am I scared? You bet I am. And so should you be.

At Capitol 6, Palace Electric, Hoyts Woden and Dendy


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