Review / ‘Kiki, Love to Love’ (MA) **

IN 2014, Queenslander Josh Lawson made a film called “The Little Death”, which is a literal translation of the French idiomatic phrase denoting orgasm. “Kiki, Love to Love” is Spanish filmmaker Paco Leon’s envisioning of Lawson’s film.

If accompanied by an adult, Australian youngsters older than 15 may legally watch Leon’s treatment of sex in suburbia. I suspect that’s a proscription obeyed more in the breach than the observance. And there’s no minimum age for what any kid with a computer can watch at home if so inclined. The rule about that should be for parents to enforce, if they can.

Palace Electric management told me that Leon’s adaptation of Lawson’s film exploring the sexual issues involving five couples in summer heat in the suburbs of Madrid had generated gales of laughter when screened to a packed house during the Spanish Film Festival. I watched it among an audience much fewer than that. The sporadic laughter was muted. I saw in it nothing likely to harm adolescents or embellish what they may well have probably already discovered. But it may well bore them. As it did me.

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