Petition fights to save bus route from Crace

Opposition Leader Alistair Coe.

MORE than 500 people have signed a petition to keep the direct service from Crace to Belconnen – route 54. 

Opposition leaser Alistair Coe will present a petition, which has attracted 526 signatures, today (August 14) on behalf of hundreds of local residents who are fighting to save their bus route.

Mr Coe says under the new bus network, residents will have to catch two buses to get to Belconnen, stopping in Gungahlin.

“Elderly Canberrans, mums and dads with young children and other bus users have come out in full force to oppose this ill-conceived bus service,” Mr Coe says. 

“Petitioners have genuine concerns that the new service will not be age-friendly. It is unreasonable to expect elderly Canberrans to have to catch two buses, and wait around at an interchange with the weekly groceries in hand.

“The government says they should walk almost one kilometre to access a direct service, but that is not physically possible for many elderly residents.

“Doubling the journey time both to and from Belconnen is also impractical and disruptive to the routines of mums looking after young children.”

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