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Dr Tregear

Long players: secrets of the Rolling Stones longevity

By Peter Tregear, Australian National University THE Rolling Stones are currently nearing the end of their seventh (and quite possibly last) tour of Australia and – despite cancelling the Hanging Rock gig due to Mick Jagger’s throat infection – are still going strong, as is their fan base. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards (both 1962 founding […]

Dr Erin Helyard

Early music virtuoso for ANU School of Music

THE ANU School of Music continues to staff-up in the area of early music with the news that conductor, harpsichordist, and fortepianist Erin Helyard will be joining the staff as a lecturer in Music from July this year. In an announcement headed “School of Music makes stunning new appointment,” head of the school, Peter Tregear […]

Feste the clown tells 'Cesario' (Viola) what he thinks of him/her

‘Twelfth Night’ hell-bent on laughs

“SOME are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them,” actor Jerry Hearn was intoning on stage at Theatre 3 today, as he prepared for his role as the wronged Malvolio in Canberra REP’s coming production of Shakespeare’s most seasoned comedy, “Twelfth Night”. Small matter that some critics have suggested that […]

Rock expert Samantha Bennett

‘Performer-scholars’ appointed to School of Music

THE Canberra music community has long been expecting news of appointments at the ANU School of Music with a scholarly and international bias and now the news is out.  After a reported 130 applications, the Head of School Professor Peter Tregear has announced that violinist and musicologist David Irving, studio recordist and popular music and […]

Andrey Lebedev in action

Another win for Lebedev

CANBERRA-trained classical guitarist, Andrey Lebedev, has won the 2012 National Fine Music Network Young Performer Award. This follows his  success in winning the inaugural ACT award, sponsored by Canberra’s Music and Arts Radio station, ArtSound FM92.7. Earlier this year, as “CityNews” reported,  he was awarded first prize in the Adelaide International Guitar Competition and  took […]

Guitarist Andrey Lebedev

Lebedev’s guitar takes him to greater heights

WHAT a year it’s been for classical guitarist Andrey Lebedev, one of guitar guru Timothy Kain’s finest students from the ANU School of Music, where he is now in his fourth year of study. As reported previously in “CityNews”, Lebedev won first prize in the Adelaide (his home town) International Guitar Competition. He also premiered […]

jazz Joe

‘One last jam’ — Jazz goes out on a high note

READERS have noticed how often bands emanating from the ANU  School of Music have been using been using the words “last”, “the final,” or as in this case, “farewell” concert in advertising their gigs.  Jazz saxophonist, Joe McEvilly, a student of one of the last remaining faculty at the School, John Mackey, has written to tell us […]

Dr Lancaster

Concert cancelled because of injury

IT was difficult enough moving out of the ANU School of  Music at a troubled time, but news is that while doing so, retiring professor pianist Geoffrey Lancaster last Saturday fell and sustained injuries, including a broken dominant right hand, that will require months of rehabilitation.  That, as organiser David Pereira has just announced, means […]

Exit for violist Tor Fromhyr

Metaphor for music school’s troubled times

THE powerfully conflicted music of Dmitri Shostakovich’s cello concerto, played by School of Music graduate Julian Smiles and the Canberra Symphony Orchestra last night, seemed the perfect metaphor for troubled times.  For visible on stage at the concert were faces unlikely to be seen in Canberra for  much longer. Already long gone from the ANU […]


Five music staff rejected for jobs

AFTER voluntary departures, fears of across-the-board sackings at the ANU School of  Music were confirmed today. ANU management advised five academic staff, who had not accepted redundancy and were willing to continue in the revamped School, that they will not be offered future employment in the School. The five academic staff were judged not to […]

gill book

Music School: ‘Never too late to recover,’ says Gill

AS reported at yesterday, Richard Gill, retiring music director of Victorian Opera, will soon be giving a lecture at the ANU on the subject of his new musical autobiography, “Give me Excess of it”, to be launched by Pan Macmillan on Tuesday. His talk, he told  this morning, “has nothing to do with […]

Vivienne Winther

Music? Enough’s enough, says Winther

“MUSIC… give me excess of it,” said Shakespeare’s Count Orsino in “Twelfth Night”, but to the artistic director of Canberra’s chamber opera company, Stopera, Vivienne Winther, enough’s enough. Ms Winther has written a passionate letter to the organisers of the Canberra Times/ANU Literary Event planned for October 30, asking that, in light of what she […]