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The Skywhale in timelapse

“OHYEAHWELL” has uploaded this multi-breasted gem to YouTube to remind us all of what once lurked in the skies over Canberra. Centenary balloon rides at Reconciliation Place on Sunday morning 19th May 20123Music – William Orbit. H – Pieces in a Modern Style, Ludwig van Beethoven – “Opus 132″Photography – Martin Ollman

home stagers

When the Canberra Centre promised us a new cultural experience we didn’t expect a living room

IN May we noted with a modicum of sadness that Cafe Fountaine in the Canberra Centre had expired. Imagine our surprise to discover the the promised “new cultural experience” is an advertisement for a firm of “Home Stagers” who will set dress your house for sale! I’ll concede it’s a new experience, but can’t help […]

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Kylie wants the moon on a stick

THE classifieds website Gumtree is often a seething hotbed of human emotion. But today’s wanted ad by Kylie really takes the cake. hi im kylie. 29. studying uni via online. quiet but social. i currently live in sydney looking to move to canberra to live closer to my children. so please understand i need to […]

Catherine Carter.

Opinion: Success when the government listens

HOWEVER liveable the city, ripples of an economic downturn are still being felt across Lake Burley Griffin and additional federal public sector job cuts threaten our fragile consumer confidence. The impact on the construction sector is palpable. As the largest private sector employer in Canberra, the industry contributes around 10 per cent to the Territory […]

Catherine Carter.

Opinion: Living on the edge

  CANBERRA’S city edge is set for a revamp with its ageing public housing making way for new residential and mixed-use development on Cooyong Street. A recent variation to the Territory Plan will allow the old complexes in Allawah and Bega Courts and the Currong Flats to be demolished and replaced by contemporary, high-density apartments, […]

Catherine Carter.

Property: House and home of democracy

  THE prize-winners and 22 other entries in an exciting competition to design a new Prime Minister’s Lodge are now on show at the Gallery of Australian Design at Commonwealth Place on the lake foreshore. Designs were invited for a building with a modern and distinctive Australian character that would spark the national imagination. The […]

Election letters: Signs of embarrassment

A CAUTION to other political parties, an embarrassment to Minister Rattenbury, but congratulations to TAMS rangers who removed the Greens’ signs from the Adelaide Avenue nature strip last week. A worry, however, that a group that wishes to represent Canberra in the Senate knows so little about our laws.   Greg Cornwell, Yarralumla  Make Canberra […]

Letters to the editor: Stay left, slow down

AS a driver, pedestrian, bus user and cyclist, I am thoroughly over the criticisms levelled at cyclists. Yes, paths are shared, then pedestrians, women with prams, joggers and dog walkers need to equally exercise courtesy and restraint. But they don’t, they’re greedy and selfish. The amount of self righteous moaning from non-cyclists has got beyond […]