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Letters / Gripped by economic irrationalism

COLUMNIST Sonya Fladun’s experience of “Running into airport turbulence” (CN November 13) will be familiar to many. Treating people as cattle is the inevitable result of “economic irrrationalism”, which treats everyone as a mere unit of production. Firstly, manufactured products are sourced from cheap labour countries, destroying local jobs and skills. This is supposed to […]

Letters / Why buses are still best value

THE ACT Government’s 2012 submission to Infrastructure Australia estimates a benefit-cost ratio of 4.78 for investing $276 million in buses, combined with urban infill. That equates to $1.3 billion in benefits. Spending an extra $338m on light rail would generate only an extra $117m of benefits. Buses will be more cost-effective than trams, over the […]

Claudia Tong

Carter / Women’s work that’s never done!

THE TV show “Family Feud” might say cooking, cleaning and doing the dishes are “women’s work”, but women in Canberra’s highly-competitive and fast-paced construction industry know differently. Many Canberra women are working on challenging and complex projects that are changing the shape of our city. So, what do they think is women’s work? As the […]