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Letters / ‘Misguided’ Mark

IN Mark Parton’s article, “Keep the faith, stay alert” (CN, September 25), he makes an unfortunate slip-up: “They think there was no threat and that, as a nation, we were being racist to these poor, defenceless, peaceful Muslims.” In the context, he is directly linking Islam to an alleged terrorist plot. Does Mark genuinely not […]

Parton / Keep the faith, stay alert

SO the next time they raise our terrorism alert level to high, I guess we’ll know there’s something on. What an amazing week – Australia didn’t lose its innocence during those police raids last Thursday, but we awoke from our dewy-eyed slumber to the realisation that the world isn’t as nice as we thought it […]

Carter / Saluting Canberra’s green landmarks

AUSTRALIAN property companies are streets ahead when it comes to sustainability – and Canberra has the green landmarks to prove it. The newly launched 2014 Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark survey finds that Australian companies outpaced their international peers in all aspects of sustainability. In co-operation with a large group of institutional investors, GRESB collects […]

Letters / Crisis? What crisis?

BEGINNING in May 2013, throughout the election and periodically peppered in media bites since then, now-PM Abbott and now-Treasurer Hockey talked up the “budget crisis” and “budget emergency”. Hockey promised to “shape policy that gives people money in their pockets, and [give us] a stable environment.” (May, 2013). So who funds the 600 military personnel, […]

James March was out on a suspended sentence when he committed a horrendous buglary and rape

THE Supreme Court has published the sentencing of one James March for a late night burglary and prolonged sexual assault. Chief Justice Murrell has sentenced him to 7 years and 9 months’ imprisonment starting from the 10 November 2013. He will be eligible for parole on 9 January 2019. Particularly disturbing is the 27 year […]

Abbott has given his ministers straight ‘A’s – do they deserve it?

By Misty Adoniou, University of Canberra Tony Abbott has given his ministers their report cards for the year. Apparently they are all receiving As and A+s. That might mean they are very, very clever compared to all other ministers who have done the job the past. This is what we call norm-referenced assessment. We start […]

Griffiths / Clubs on frontline as drug war looms

“In recent months we have seen a rise in incidents in Civic, in particular, in relation to ‘turf wars’. We have recently spoken with the AFP about our concerns and asked for their assistance in supporting venues and security officers in order to make licensed venues a safer place.”

–Leader Security’s Peta-Lee Henare in an email to Canberra publicans on August 6.

Letters / Say ‘No’ to light rail

WHY won’t our politicians listen to the community who pays their wages when we say “No” to light rail. This one-sided project that the community has written so many letters about to the daily paper for months should not go ahead. How many millions have been wasted already on consultants just to reach “Rattenbury’s Dream”. […]