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Letters / ‘Unprincipled’ asylum-seeker policies

HISTORY is replete with the long-term catastrophic consequences of democracies abandoning moral positions for short-term gain or expediency. International rule of law, like domestic, only survives when those most expected to uphold the laws do so. In implementing its current asylum-seeker policies, Australia has paid little regard to international laws on human rights and refugee […]

Carter / Restarting the city heart

THERE are many similarities between Canberra and Wellington – the city dubbed the world’s “coolest little capital”. With a population of 450,000 people, Wellington is an educated, culturally-diverse city surrounded by a spectacular natural environment. Like Canberra, Wellington is home to the country’s major cultural institutions – including the national museum, ballet and symphony orchestra. […]

Letters / How did the Cubans do it?

MICHAEL Moore’s column “Cuba wins the cigar for public health commitment” (CN April 30) raises a number of issues. The Cuban experience indicates the benefits of a health system that is not driven by “supplier push”, as the Australian and American health systems are said to be, with undue pressure on regulators to approve new […]